International School of Sustainable Tourism

The International School of Sustainable Tourism (ISST) is a private, non-stock, and non-profit corporation registered in the Philippines. ISST is an organization dedicated to education and technical training of manpower to develop, promote and viably operate sustainable tourism in the Philippines and other ASEAN countries. The school is dedicated to the upliftment of the lives of the people of communities with ecological resources that need to be preserved and can be sustainably used for tourism.

With its training facility and competent staff, the school has the capability of providing its audience with the training that will empower them to viably manage their communities so that it will earn for them income and livelihood for tourism. The school helps inculcate in tourism stakeholders and visitors the values of responsible tourism, where people interact with nature on a mutually beneficial relationship. ISST gathers international lecturers and resource speakers from various parts of the world, and provides in-depth, small-class sizes and experience-based learnings, seminars, workshops, short-term courses and large-scale conferences.

Recently quoted by Costas Christ, the Global Editor of National Geographic Traveller Magazine as "The first sustainable tourism school in Asia-Pacific region, educating a new generation of leaders."

School Facilities:

  • The Theater: 566 seating capacity
  • Asean Knowledge Center
  • Five Lecture Rooms with 25-50 seating capacity
  • Two Conference Rooms with 6-16 seating capacity
  • Faculty Room
  • Executive Offices
  • Talbos Boutique Shop
  • 15 Bed Dormitory (Laboratory)
  • Coffee Shop/Restaurant
  • Dr. Renato Santos - Science Centrum